Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 23, 2008

Lighting up the Docklands


This looks pretty cool – it’s a “festival of light” that’s taking place just around the corner from our apartment in the crazy neon green, red stick laden Grand Canal Square. What with the walky men on O’Connell Street and now this – it’s all about the light shows at the mo isn’t it?
It’s called the Hive, and has been created by KMA (Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler), who, I’m told, are the digital artists behind some v. cool installation in London’s Trafalgar Square. It will take place between the 1st-9th of Feb from 5pm to 10pm as part of Lightwave, the TCD Science Gallery festival (more on this later). Say the Docklands dudes:

“This is a newly commissioned public artwork consisting entirely of projected light and sound through which you, the audience, come and go. By entering you take control of one part of an interactive fantasia driven by your movements and the changing rhythms and timbres of the music. Drawing you in to explore the rich mix of sound and light, the Hive imagines a number of encounters with otherworldly life forms and environments.”

Woo woo.


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