Posted by: Eoghan | January 17, 2008

Oh Dear God!

Just spent an hour of my life that I won’t get back in a holding pattern over the 7th circle of hell. That is to say I rang NTL technical support. Now I like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring as much as the next man on hold, which is to say not at all the first time I have to hear it and even less so every subsequent time until finally (somewhere between the 10th and 11th full run-through) I’m cursing the poor composer, his friends and loved ones, his descendants, his gravestone, his beard, his Yorkshire terrier, the immigrant delicatessen worker who flirted with him while she made his sandwich on his way to work in FutureMuzak Co in 18th century Venice.

I even had time to develop a dysfunctional relationship with the voice that announced that “we appreciate that you are holding for a customer representative, please hold and we will be with you in a short time”. It’s constant lying and neglect drove the romance away and broke my heart. 😦

However I’m pleased to report that there was a positive outcome. The problem with the telly is still there but the “Oh, you probably forgot to plug it in” brigade on the other end of the phone had to admit defeat and call in a technician.

Which sets us up nicely for a sequel… The Workman Cometh


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