Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 17, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies…


Aaaah, it’s like a sign from the gods or something. As I come into my 25th year (mind my birthday isn’t until June), I find myself suddenly surrounded by all things bumpy and baby. Zeus himself wants to impregnate me or something.

First, my sister, my little sister gets pregnant (OK fine, she’s in her twenties… but still). Then one of my best friends announces she’s expecting. THEN, while randomly Gmail chatting and surfing I come across a Youtube clip of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work, which up until now I had thought was about a break-up. But lo, curiosity killed the broody cat: Google and all its lovely links informed me that Bush wrote it (from the point of view of a dad-to-be) for some dodgy 1980s dramedy starring Kevin Bacon called She’s Having A Baby. THEN (oh yes, there’s more) while flicking through the Sunday Tribune TV guide I glance ahead to Friday and YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE what film is on tomorrow night on TV3?? Yes, She’s Having a Baby!!

I don’t even want babies for, oh, about a decade but it seems my biological clock/my crazy subconscious has other plans.

Oh and the girl in Fresh who sold me my loo roll and cookies is also pregnant.

So why don’t I just give in and listen to some Natasha Beddingfield?



  1. […] few weeks ago, I posted about my the two pregnant people in my life – my good friend Amanda and my sister […]

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