Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 16, 2008

I heart Juno

Just back from the preview screening of Juno at the Savoy; So, so lovely.

It follows Juno (played by the phenomenally promising Ellen Page, of Hard Candy fame), a kooky, barbed, one-liner spewing 16-year old high school student who convinces her best mate Paul (Superbad‘s Micheal Cera playing the self-conscious, geeky-but-nevertheless-weirdly-irresistible card he plays so well) that they should have sex. And, surprise, surprise, she gets pregnant. Juno decides to keep the baby and we’re there for the next nine months.

The film has been dubbed this year’s Little Miss Sunshine and it’s an apt sticker – it has the same mix of the cute and the quirky, the pretty and pretty weird. It’s also a little bit awkward in that coltish, adorable way that makes you just fall in love with it. Like LMS, Juno boasts an excellent cast – all of them hopelessly flawed, perfectly formed, and funny as hell.

And yet, at times, it tries a little too hard to be cool-for-school with its quicker-than-a-speeding bullet indie dialogue, hip late 70s rock references and obvious eagerness to be left of center. But, and I’ll stop here because I really don’t want to spoil it, it blossoms into something truly lovely – heart-warming, yet believable, klutzy, yet sure of itself and, best of all, endlessly quotable (check out our blog tag)!

PS The soundtrack also rocks – here is a rom-commy version of the original trailer. It features Anyone Else But You, a song sung by Ellen Page and Micheal Cera in the movie.



  1. Can’t WAIT to see this.

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