Posted by: Eoghan | January 14, 2008

Would woodwork work?

Like many men of my generation my daily grind involves precious little grind. I’m a Windows warrior. A cursor hunter. I don’t even push paper any more. My output is the ultimate in ephemera, I herd numbers from their electronic hidey-holes into my company’s computerised corrals.

The consequences of this lifestyle to one’s wellness are thoroughly documented and a little scary when you realise that they’re talking about you and not some faceless suit.

So today I finally took (at least one) doctor’s advice and decided to do something other than digital with my digits, to get down to some work that actually involved the expenditure of energy.

It’s not much but I signed up for a woodwork night course at the local technical institute. As Eddie Izzard alluded to, sawing a piece of wood in half makes you feel like your Dad. What better way, then, to reconnect with the virtues of an earlier time and way of life?

So tune in every Monday for the next ten as Eoghan does carpentry.

Further updates as events warrant.

Hammery, hammery…

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