Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 8, 2008

Say hello to Eoghan

Eoghan. Well, at any given time, you’re most likely to catch him…
Reading: The Sunday papers, The Economist, BBC Focus, books about chess, lots of articles about rugby, the Ross O’Carroll Kelly column in Saturday’s Irish Times.

Watching: Rugby (Leinster and everything from here to New Zealand), soccer (Liverpool mainly, but whatever’s on generally), darts, American football, tennis, cricket. In that order. I think. He also likes Family Guy, The Simpsons, Black Books and Black Adder.

Listening to: Joe and Keith on Spin 103.8, whatever I have on the iPod or maybe some Beach Boys.

On a weekend, he will probably: Eat at Bar Pinxto in Temple Bar, watch a Leinster match at the RDS, read lots of papers, kindly accept my ridiculous request to “take a shortcut” through Habitat, have some beer, meet some friends, be snapped by my camera.

Other stuff about him: He holds a degree in Math Science from UCD, debated lots in college, likes to boogey boogey and once snorted Tabasco.

What to expect from him: Rants about rugby, discussions on Irish politics and the US elections, reviews of the bestest European beers, recaps of his chess matches, explanations for why math is great, witty observational humour and lots of lovely words.


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